Civil War Puzzles

Select the Puzzle you want and enjoy. Just Left Click on the Title and choose open or save. You can also right click on the link and choose save as to store on your hardrive. Puzzle pieces click together when in correct position. May have to move puzzle or pieces around to find other pieces. Be sure to turn on your speakers for the music.

Mabry Mill
Confederate Navy
"Stonewall" Rest in Peace
Flag Dedication in Georgia
Spring Garden
Angel Oak
City Canal
Lee Chapel
Boone Hall
Covered Road
Winter Lake
Winter Scene
Battle of Charleston 1
40 Pieces
Battle of Charleston 4
45 Pieces
Battle Columbia Grand Bazaar
77 Pieces
Broxton's Bridge
63 Pieces
Hunley Marker Dedication
80 Pieces
Battle of Charleston 2
96 Pieces
Battle of Charleston 5
84 Pieces
Aiken 2006
48 Pieces
Ghost Walk 2005
104 Pieces
Confederate Calvary
70 Pieces
Battle of Charleston 3
77 Pieces
Battle of Charleston 6
35 Pieces
Sharpsburg Burnside's Bridge
70 Pieces
48 Pieces
54 Pieces